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Universal Magical Crimper

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Transforms 2mm tubular crimps into round beads. No sharp edges! No crimp covers! Secure, quick & easy professional finish for your jewelry. For use with 2mm sterling silver or gold-filled tubular crimps and Beadsmith base metal tubular crimps!

This unique tool was created exclusively for use with 2mm sterling silver and gold-filled tubular crimp beads. But now we have base metal crimps beads that work too! Just a few easy steps will transform a 2mm crimp into a round bead.

Available on or in the Etsy shop.

Universal Magical Crimper FAQ's

Does the Universal Magical Crimper really work?

Yes. It works when used in the way I specify.

My directions are based on the video published by the creator of the Universal Magical Crimper and my actual use of the tool. Please see my instructions or the listing on or in the Etsy shop.

Will this work with other crimp beads?

If you vary the materials used, your results may vary.

Certainly this tool will work with a variety of other options. But I have not personally explored every possibility. I only write about what I have personally successfully done.

How can I be sure that this tool really works?

I only sell tools I know and have used myself to good results. I do not sell a tool if I cannot achieve repeatable results.

If I do not personally care for a tool I might sell it, but only with a disclaimer.

This tool works. If you cannot get it to work it is because you have either 1) not followed the instructions, 2) you are using the wrong crimp beads or 3) you are not using the correct stringing wires. *Instructions are coming soon!

What crimp beads can I use with this tool?

All Magical Crimp Forming Tools work with the same crimp beads.

Use with 2mm sterling silver or gold-filled tubular crimps AND Beadsmith base metal tubular crimps! Find them in the Etsy shop.

What stringing wire works with this tool?

*Choose your tool to match your stringing wire.*

Choose PURPLE Handle with Flexrite® .018" to .020"

Choose GREEN Handle with Flexrite® .014" to .018" (packaging says .014" to .015" but I have used it on .018" successfully)

Only a single strand of .024" wire fits through a crimp bead. BUT it crimps off nicely as a stopper bead.

You can find Flexrite in the Etsy shop.

***Note: I have personally tried all tools on all above wires successfully. I am always sure to test the bead by pulling hard on the wire to see if it will loosen. If it does loosen press more and a bit harder. At times I use pressure from both hands.

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