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You can make jewelry!

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Making your own jewelry is a worthwhile and fun endeavor! Whether you want to expand your wardrobe, make unique gifts, generate some extra income or start your own business, jewelry making skills are something you can use for a lifetime.

My name is Pam and I am the owner and founder of I thought you might like to know a little about who you might be learning jewelry making or buying supplies from.

How I got started

I began making jewelry by taking a class in a ceramics shop. I was just killing time. It was a loom woven beadwork class and I had started on a bracelet. It was very exciting to see that it was possible to learn the craft I had long admired in native American shops are Arizona.

At the end of that class we all went out for a late evening snack. It was there that I heard of a bead shop for sale. It was called The Bead Source. Perfect name for a bead store!

I was so exctied I could hardly contain myself. Not only was it possible to learn to make jewelry but a bead store was for sale! Fresh out of university with an MBA I never would have imagined it. A ready made business with and exciting product. What luck!

Within days I owned that store. It was a hole in wall little spot with beads in plastic cups on display. Bugs had crawled in to some of those cups and died without the notice of anyone around.

It needed spruce up and a new location. I moved it to an historic mall and my husband made a beautiful sign and aboslutely lovely trays for displaying the beads. I was sure I was all set. Jewelry makers and beadworkers would simply arrive and tell me what they wanted and I would sell it to them. Piece of cake, right?

No, not right at all. To my surprise people arrived and asked me how to make jewelry. And I had no idea! I didn't think people would try to buy things they didn't know anything about!

I had to learn how to make all kinds of jewelry and I had to do it quickly! There wasn't time to try to learn from books so I sought out the experts. Back in that day it was a tall order. There wasn't a google, not even a widely used internet. My computer was a TRS-80 from Radio Shack. Old time geeks will recognize that. The year was 1991.

So, I had to start the old fashioned way. I had to get books and there weren't many available. I had 2 suppliers at the time and one was the biggest seller of beadwork beads, now called Beadsmith. I ordered all the books I could from them and got to work learning to make jewelry.

Some months in to this endeavor the long awaited coffee table book The New Beadwork arrived. I purchased 100 copies for my store and they began selling like mad. But it did not contain any instruction at all! But it did contain some of the finest beadwork by some of the best beadwork artists in this country at the time. And lo and behold! One of them was listed as living in the next town over, Oracle Arizona. That is how I had the good fortune of finding Cheri Mossie!

Cheri opened up a whole new world for me of beadwork art. She began teaching classes in my shop and we became life long friends.

There is a lot more to this story so stay tuned!

Meanwhile, in the blog I will be covering as much as I can about what I have learned in the ensuing 25+ years of learning, making jewelry and teaching the art of jewelry making.

The Bead Souce in Casas Adobes Shopping Mall in Tucson Arizona
The Bead Souce in Casas Adobes Shopping Mall in Tucson Arizona

Benefit from my 25 years of teaching jewelry making and buying and selling jewelry making supplies.

Necklace made of aluminum wire.
Wire Whimsy Necklace

After many years of teaching jewerly making I always come back to this design as a perfect beginning for any skill level.

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